B85 NC

Hydraulic 3 Roll Pipe & Profile Bending Machines


NC Pipe& Profile Bending Machines provides our customers sensitive and fast bending possibilities for bending rectangular profile, square, tube, angle leg, T-section etc. faultless with their NC model feature.

Special Features

  • 7” multi functional touch screen
  • PLC control with manual, semi-automatical and full automatic options
  • Double speed feature
  • St-52 quality steel frame and parts
  • Linear movement of bottom roll shafts with hydraulic system connected to body
  • Three seperated rolls driven with hydraulic motor and planetary gear box
  • Serpantine bending feature
  • Vertical and horizontal working feature
  • Upper shaft support device that prevents the upper shaft from flexing
  • Updating the software with online remote connection
  • Hidden encoder against crushes that records turning movement
  • Formula sheet that calculates radius, arc, and depth

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