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Hydraulic Horizontal Press

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    Hardened Support Pins
  2. 02
    Fast Tool Change
  3. 03
    Hydraulic Control
  4. 04
    Useful Main Body
  5. 05
    Detachable Operator Control Panel
  6. 06
    Cylinder Protection Cabinet

HANSTAHL P-Series Hydraulic Horizontal Press Machine was manufactured for making all productions such as bending, cutting, shaping and punching for standard or special molds such as profile, pipe, plate, sheet etc.

High capacity of our Horizontal Hydraulic Press Machines will help you to prepare an awesome forging parts and all sorts of operations in all types material: flat bar, pipe, various profiles, rods etc.

If you need special offers to make different iron tools, we can manufacture.

Standard Features

  • Mobile Control Unit
  • Digitally adjustable forward-backward distance position
  • Adjustable working pressure
  • Corresponds to CE Standards
  • High strength body
  • Adjustable Backgauge
  • Quick Mold Connection System

Hardened Support Pins

Through hardened support pins make folding flat bars and sheets into completely close shapes.

Hydraulic Control

Our Hydraulic Horizontal Presses are easy to control. Any toolmaker can easily start, stop, accelerate and slow down the manufacturing of dies and punches.

Fast Tool Change

Fast tool change, punches and dies: This change does not take more than 30 seconds.

Hydraulic Horizontal Press Horizontal Presses E-Catalogue

P Series Hydraulic Horizontal Press

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